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Photovoltaic in Bavaria

SolSystems Energy News

06/07/2016 – SolSystems Energy finalizes 0.5 MW solar plant in Salzwedel/ Germany

SolSystems Energy has successfully completed a roof plant of 0.5 Megawatt peak of the industrial roof of Seacon Umformtechnik in Salzwedel. This investor project underlines the capability to create solar power on roofs for future industrial production.
SolSystems Energy

02/29/2016 – SolSystems Energy builds Off-Grid Solar System in Africa

In February 2016 SolSystems Energy has built an off-grid solar power system in hybrid operation in Kigali/ Rwanda with an output of 5.2 kWp. The project of a pilot nature highlights the future direction of SolSystems Energy in terms of international solar markets
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11/30/2014 – SolSystems builts solar plant for innovative supermarket of Netto Group according to passive house standard

Germany's first discount supermarket according to passive house standard is located in Hannover. The supermarket chain Netto Marken-Discount belonging to Edeka has built a lot of technology for this innovative building concept. The building has among other things, a rainwater harvesting system, an energy saving daylight architecture as well as a solar power plant with 10 kWp. The green electricity produced is consumed at 100% in the building and improvs the energy balance sustainably.

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10/31/2013 – SolSystems Energy builds 2.5 MW Solar Park Gerwisch

At the end of October 2013 SolSystems has successfully connected a solar park of the megawatt class to the network. The project illustrates how a former junkyard area can be transfered to a new reasonable exploitation. Over 10,000 modules generate CO2-free green electricity in the future. Due to innovative technical implementations, good earnings forecasts are confirmed by independent experts.

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1/31/2013 – SolSystems Energy completes 0.5 MW photovoltaic plant on roof of Solar-Fabrik AG in Freiburg

At the end of the year 2012 SolSystems has successfully completed a 0.5 MW photovoltaic plant on the roof of Solar-Fabrik AG at the location Freiburg/ Bebelstraße. By this project the energy balance of Solar-Fabrik AG improves further. The Freiburg factory is Europe's first zero-emissions solar module factory and uses only renewable energy sources for electricity and heat.

SolSystems Energy

9/30/2012 – SolSystems Energy completes photovoltaic plants with a total capacity of rd. 7 MWp successfully.

In summer 2012 SolSystems has successfully completed photovoltaic plants in Germany with a total volume of rd. 7 MWp. By this, solar panels of Solar-Fabrik AG, inverters of RefuSol and mounting systems from Schletter are installed.The realisation shows that even in a market environment, which is characterized by reduction of EEG feed-in tariffs, projects with high quality components can be implemented successfully.

SolSystems Energy

24/05/2012 – SolSystems Energy Completes project contract for the construction of a 3.5 MWp roof system “Reber Park“ in Brandenburg

SolSystems has successfully completed the negotiations on the construction of a 3.5 MWp roof system "Reber Park" in Brandenburg an der Havel. The implementation of the project takes place in June 2012. On the 50,000 square meters of roof area modules of Solar-Fabrik AG, invertes of RefulSol and mounting system of Schletter company will be installed.

SolSystems Energy

3/31/2012 – SolSystems Energy completes 1.0 MWp roof plant successfully

After about 3 weeks of construction, the photovoltaic roof system Hohburg in Saxony with around 1.0 MWp has been completed. About 4,000 polycrystalline panels Solar-Fabrik AG will produce environmentally friendly electricity in the future.

SolSystems Energy

12/31/2011 – SolSystems Energy completes photovoltaic plants with a total capacity of rd. 4 MWp successfully.

At the end of the year 2011 SolSystems has successfully completed photovoltaic plants in Germany with a total volume of rd. 4 MWp. By this, solar panels of Solar-Fabrik AG are installed. The implementation is part of the business concept, which envisages the construction of turnkey photovoltaic systems and the subsequent sale to investors.

SolSystems Energy

07/25/2011 – Solar-Fabrik AG, based in Freiburg iB acquires about 51% of SolSystems Energy GmbH

Solar-Fabrik AG (WKN 661 471), listed in the Prime Standard of Frankfurt Stock Exchange, acquired with effect from 08/01/2011 about 51% of SolSystems Energy GmbH. The previous owners GCS Capital Management and Pro Cura Asset Management continue to hold the remaining shares in proportion to their existing participations. Solar-Fabrik AG, which sold in 2010 128 MWp of modules is one of the most experienced solar companies in Europe dedicated to quality and sustainability of solar modules in production. Both companies complement each other in their skills, the corporate goal is an expansion and internationalization of the project business. By the shareholders, Solar-Fabrik AG and its access to capital markets in future projects can be realized on a larger scale.

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SolSystems Energy

02/27/2011 – SolSystems Energy constucts photovoltaic plants on bus stations of German railway with a total volume of 0.3 MWp

In February 2011 on the central bus depot of public transport company OVF in Nuremberg a 127 kWp photovoltaic plant with panels of German premium manufacturer Solar-Fabrik AG has been built. This is the third such plant that SolSystems Energy has built on bus stations of DB Regio AG, a subsidiary of German railway company. Other plans will follow in March and April 2011. The total volume of the seven bavarian sites is 0.3 MWp.

SolSystems Energy

12/31/2010 – SolSystems Energy implements 1.7 MWp Solarpark successfully

In 2 months building time solarpark Bergheim near Neuburg a.d. Donau has been constructed successfully. Nearly 9000 panels of brand Frankfurt Solar and central inverter station from Emerson will produce eco energy in the future with a total power of 1.7 MWp.

SolSystems Energy

7/22/2010 – SolSystems Energy signs contract to build a 1.7 MWp freestanding plant

On the ground of a former gravel pit near Neuburg Donau/ Germany SolSystems Energy will build a 1.7 MWp streestanding plant. The project is interesting in terms of combination of energy production and protection of nature on a socalled conversion field (disposal site). The finalisation will be in autumn 2010.

SolSystems Energy

7/8/2010 – Private Equity Company ProCura new shareholder of SolSystems Energy

With participation of private equity investor ProCura, Augsburg/ Germany, SolSystems Energy has expanded its shareholder group. Pro Cura is holding round 25% of shares. In respect of further business activities and implementation of bigger solar projects ProCura invests in total 0.32 mm Euro and is strengthen the liquidity and equity basis of SolSystems Energy.

SolSystems Energy

6/10/2010 – SolSystems Energy builds Europe´s largest photovoltaic plant on
noise barrier – cooperation contract signed

Along A92 highway near Wallersdorf in the last 2 months the largst solar noise barrier has been built. According to an innovative concept with application for patent the photovoltaic panels itsself deduce traffic noise. The noise barrier has a total length of about 600 meters along the highway. SolSystems Energy will build in the course of an exclusive cooperation contract further plants and by this establish a new business field in the next years.
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16.11.2009 – Order for Megawatt Plant

On the roofs of porcelain factory Kaiser at Bad Staffelstein/ Germany an ecofriendly photovoltaic plant is going to produce energy in the future. The corner stone for this has been set by a signature of contract in November 2009. On the area of 23 thousand square meters a photovoltaic plant of the size 1.2 Megawatt is planned. Completion will be in spring 2010.

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23.09.2009 – Freestanding Plant Schacha

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