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Photovoltaic in Bavaria

Solar Energy from Roof – Your Project in Best Hands

1. Roof analysis

Shadow analysis for determination of optimal size and positioning of the plant.

2. Statics

Static audit of the relevant parts of the roof.

3. Grid Compatibility testing

SolSystems Energy initiates grid compatibility testing by energy provider.

4. Offer

On that basis a concrete offer and a business plan will be made.

5. Implementation

Installation of solar panels on an aluminium installation, assembly of all electric parts, remote monitoring of data and suitable lightning protection.

6. Approval

After successful start-up principal gets a complete documentation.

7. Operating

Our maintenance and service package contains among others monthly revenue report, regular measurements, on-site services, business interruption insurance.

Solarenergy Photovoltaic Consulting Service SolSystems Energy


Numerous examples of successfully completed roof based projects prove our competence.Here you will find a list of examples.
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